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The Tree house Resort

The Tree house Resort

 Posted On:02-Aug-2017

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The Tree house Resort

After the hill stations, beaches, back waters, house boat cruise Kerala tree houses are now get the attention of both foreign and inland tourists to this place. Tree houses are wooden houses built on top the trees. Tree houses add value to natrally pristine environment and its a part of effort to promote eco friendly tourism in the state. Tree houses are made from eco friendly products such as bamboo, tree truncks, hay, coir. It offers a peaceful stay away from tensions of city life and are actually the modified versions of “Erumadam”, usually used by the tribals and hunter to escape from the attacks of wild animals. Get ready if you are willing stay a day with out computers ,Tv and other elctonic and electrical devices.

Nature Zone is all about experiences. Sleeping in a tree house in verdant Kerala.. in the middle of wood... listening to the rhythmic chants of the beetles...waking up to the morning alarm set by the birds…sunrays peeping through the leaves..

Only Nature Zone Resorts in Munnar promises you this magical experience. Our tree houses are built on living trees, with no compromise on comfort. Spacious and airy with bathrooms and even balconies that offer commanding views of the forest. We respect the forest and all its living creatures. Every tree is carefully selected by a tribal and our tree houses are constructed with no impact to the tree or its environs. A stay in our tree house in misty Munnar is a must on a tour of South India.

Views from Tree Houses

The tree houses are spacious and suitably laid out. It has a balcony that offers some magnificent views of the jungle and the valley. It is presented in a perfect way so as to enjoy the best that nature offers. The tree trunk passing through the room added to its appeal. Even though these tree houses and African Safari Tents are committed to nature, Comforts are not compromised. Luxury is built into the interiors of these tree houses. The tree houses are located amidst wilderness. It’s not easy walking up to tree house. Can hear the Chirping and screeching of birds mingled with the rhythmic beat of waters cascading down the stream. Sight of monkeys dance around from one tree to the other, some deers and even python are also some views from tree house.

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